OTAKONにて「RELEASE THE SPYCE」1~2話世界最速プレミア上映決定!

アメリカワシントンで開催されるOTAKONにて「RELEASE THE SPYCE」の1~2話世界最速プレミア上映が決定しました!

場所:Video 3(Room146B)
   Walter E. Washington Convention Center
   Washington DC, USA

World Premiere of the first two episodes of this brand-new collaboration between Namori (character concept and known for authorship of “Yuru Yuri”), Takahiro (original concept/story editor known for his work on “Yuki Yuna is a Hero”), and Lay-duce (production known for its work on “Fate/Grand Order-First Order-”). Masquerading as students of high school, the girls are actually members of a secret organization tasked to destroy evils to keep the peace in the city.